Kajan Perjection, Inc.

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Please contact us at sales@kperfection.com or 985-868-9676.

Kajan Perfection, Inc. (KPI) has been in business since 1980 and primarily services companies in the oil and gas industry. We have highly skilled machinists on staff and modern CNC equipment to manufacture a variety of products. We are very familiar with machining all sorts of exotic metals, along with the carbon and many grades of stainless steel. KPI is a critical supplier for major oil field service companies.

Our quality department is furnished with high end inspection equipment such as a Zeiss and Keyence CMM ...the digitizing of all inspection reports, utilizing InspectionXpert software is the most recent investment made in our quality department.



Capabilities (Turning, Milling, & Multi-Axis )

Utilizing the latest technology of Haas and Mazak CNC Equipment

Q.A. Inspection Equipment

Scheduling /Planning /Logistics

Data tracking and Reporting

CNC / Manufacturing Programming

Please contact us at sales@kperfection.com or 985-868-9676.